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Thousands of job seekers use our complete all-in-one solution to gain a magnitude of advantage in automating their jobs applying, starting at just $3.39/hr

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Made by a Job Seeker, For Job Seekers

Hey guys it’s Jake (The CEO)! I had this idea when I was struggling with finding a job. I hope you’ll enjoy this bespoke product that I wanted for myself way back when I was down in the dumps, struggling!


Pro Job Seekers, Always

Many companies sell to employers, but not us! Enjoy a company whose purpose actually aligns with yours.


Get More Than You Give

An enjoyable job is incredibly important in life. Investing in one of the most important things in your life is bound to be a smart investment.

Here comes the future

The most comprehensive solution

The New Gold Standard when it comes to applying to jobs

Automate your jobs applying, starting at just $3.39/hr
Stay organized, forever. Keep track of your entire job search in one digital notebook.

Free tools, free proprietary research, & 6 free bespoke services, so you can prep and optimize every step of your funnel

Get free peer-to-peer help and find your tribe

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