How It Works

Apply For Me: Get Started in as little as 10 minutes

How It Works

Understand how the Apply for Me service works & automate your jobs applying in as little as four steps and just 10 minutes.

It's easier than rocket science

How It Works

Apply for me: automate your jobs applying in as little as a four steps and 10 minutes

how it works


Sign Up

When you sign up, you can choose how many applications you want to apply per day. We’ll then email you the link to your jobs tracker notebook


Upload Applying Templates

After logging into your jobs tracker, upload the applying template(s) that you want to use when applying to different jobs


Set Your Preferences

Set your preferences of how, what, and where to apply to jobs. Click on a button to notify us in your jobs tracker notebook when finished.


Sit Back & Enjoy

All set! Your helper will apply to jobs in the background – sit back and enjoy as interview requests roll into your email inbox! (You are solely responsible for managing your inbox)

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