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Proprietary Research Library

🤖Handbook | Job Seeker ChatGPT Prompts
With just a few clicks, discover hundreds of new buzzwords, job titles, and experience bullet points to use and optimize your job search.
✉️Copy-Paste-Tool | Email Templates
Browse a master library of the best curated email templates for each and every purpose in your job search, such as cold emailing, warm emails, replies, followups, etc. Quickly copy paste them with just 1 click
📃Database | Ultimate Resume & Cover Letter Templates
Focusing on quality instead of quantity, we’ll help you start off with the best resume templates & cover letters to use
❓Handbook | Ultimate 60+ Behavioral Interview Questions (STAR Format w/ Videos)
Master the art of interviewing with our complete handbook of 60+ Common Interview Questions.
✅Printout | Master Checklist Of Things You MUST Do On Your Job Search
A curated printout master checklist of things to do you can cross off to optimize your job search.
❌Printout | Master Checklist Of Things NOT To Do On Your Job Search
A curated printout master checklist of things to avoid on your job search.
🖐️Guide | Questions to Ask, and How to Ask Correctly
A complete list of best questions to ask at the end of an interview, and how to nail them.
🏢Database | Fortune 5000 Masterlist
A manually curated list of Fortune 5000 Database and manually data prepped & tailored (not found anywhere on the web) to help you find & decide between the best companies to apply for

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