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Applying by Myself  vs. Apply For Me Service​

Every single application and rejection is an uphill battle as I fill out the same stupid applications over and over again.

Number of Jobs

My helper applies on average 2-4 times faster than myself, puts in more hours, is professionally trained, and doesn’t get stressed out because he's paid for it.

Applying by Myself  vs. Apply For Me Service​

I am more stressed out from filling out the same apps over and over again, and not hearing back from companies.


I only have to focus on interviewing & prep as more companies contact me

Applying by Myself  vs. Apply For Me Service​

I use up most of my time filling out applications and not hearing back from companies


I refocus my time to interview prepping or even for other fun activities.

Applying by Myself  vs. Apply For Me Service​

Having spent so much time filling out applications, I’m overjoyed to get any offer at all (onenitis syndrome)


I’ll have so many job offers to choose from and can pick from the best. Plus I have more negotiating power!

Applying by Myself  vs. Apply For Me Service​

I’m psychologically wired to always play it safe to keep my job because it’s so hard to find new ones.

Mental Positioning

I can take chances now, knowing that I can always apply to other jobs whenever I want

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